BREAKING NEWS: LOLSecretz is All Systemz Go For ROFLCon

Posted on October 28, 2007 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, Partners and Friends, Planning, Tim, Triumph


Woo! This has been such a weekend of awesome sauce.

The team behind lolsecretz, a sublime mixing of the terrifyingly fascinating PostSecret and the endlessly amuzing LOLCat, IS COMING TO ROFLCON! I’m pretty enthused.

This puts us in pretty good shape for the LOLPanel, since we’re rolling now with LOLCatBible, LOLSecretz, and it turns out Ryan is part of LOLBots, which is pretty badass.

Now I just gotta get LOLTrek and I Can Haz Cheezburger and we’ll be on our way. I’ll be pinging these folks into next week. Haven’t heard back from LOLGeeks either. Heck, and I have no clue on how to even start looking for the douchebag that stole the LOLrus’ bucket.

Also, if you’re interested in helping out — stay tuned, I’ll be posting about that stuff soon. (like tonight/tomorrowish)

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