The founder of 4chan, moot, is coming!

Posted on November 30, 2007 by Carrie Andersen
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Just got word in the wee hours of the morn that the founder of the infamous, moot, is coming to our humble event. is basically a massive web forum for ridiculous photoshops, image macros, what have you. The site itself gets a huge amount of hits a day and some of the most popular image macros probably came from 4chan users in some form or another — tracking down that sort of stuff is hard, of course. It’s also been embroiled in some controversies, which you can read up on Wikipedia.

In terms of what we can now do at the conference, we have a sizable group of people behind forums and amalgamaters of information and images in particular, and that gives us a lot to work with. It will be interesting to see what all these folks can say about the appeal of some pretty ridiculous memes, the actual social community that builds around a site like 4chan, stuff like that.

Sidenote: if any of you folks out there care about the logistical or planning aspects of ROFLCon, the team had a really great meeting late last night about our overall vision and what the hell we need to do now that the internet is actually coming to Harvard for a weekend. Expect some great changes to the website in the future, as well as more information about exactly what to expect — this is not simply going to be a meet and greet for internet celebrities; we’re gunning for some real academic discourse about internet culture as a whole and the place of internet memes in society. And we’ll have a whole lot of fun too, to be sure.

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