Conference Schedule v. 0.9 Released!

Posted on December 27, 2007 by Tim Hwang
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So many of you have been asking — “Gee folks, internet memes are great and all, but what are you going to do when you get them all into a room?”

We hear your cry. And suffice it to say, it’s a pretty good question.

We here on the ROFLCon Team have been working through the vacation to put this thing together, and we’ve hammered out a preliminary conference schedule that we’ll be molding over the next few weeks into a completed, shiny plan of action for our two day event. For descriptions of the memes themselves, see the links on our confirmed guests page.

Check it out, after the jump. We’re taking comments/questions/criticisms from everyone at this point, so feel free to let us know what you think, particularly about the panel prompt questions.

This schedule is subject to change. (And addition: there’s a number of big namer guests that don’t know about their schedule yet — for privacy’s sake, I’ve left them off, some of these holes are obvious, feel free to guess who they are)

Friday, April 25th (“State of the Internet”)
Noonish — Registration Opens
2-6 — Conference Activities (opening keynote to be scheduled)

1) CASE STUDY: LOLCATS: How and why do memes evolve the way they do? To what extent has internet culture established its own language in the past decade?

Panelists: LOLCat Bible, LOLSecretz, LOLTrek, LOLCode, Judith Donath

Moderator: Alexis Ohanian (Reddit/LOLDeconstructed)

2) THE INTERNET AS CITIZEN’S MEDIA: Massive, unintentional fame seems far more possible online. What makes a successful meme in terms of popularity? What makes a meme successful/unsuccessful at leveraging that fame into mass wealth and power?

Panelists: Jay Maynard (Tron), Kyle MacDonald (One Red Paperclip), Matt Harding (Where the Hell Is Matt?)

Moderator: Martin Sargent, Web Drifter


3) THE INTERNET AS A COUNTER SPHERE: Online culture gets itself inevitably entangled in the popular culture (and occasionally, the legal structure) of the outside world. How can internet culture be derailed by/how can it triumph against forces in the non-online world?

Joe Mathlete, Ian Spector, Bert Is Evil, Jeff Diehl (10 Zen Monkeys)

Moderator: Christopher Kelty


7-8 — Dinner
9-10 —
MUSIC SHOW OF THE MEMES: They play, you listen, people rock out.

Leslie Hall (Gem Sweater), Martin Leung (Video Game Pianist), David Lloyd (OCRemix), Group X


Saturday, April 26th (“Future of the Internet”)

11-6 — Conference Activities (includes opening, breaks, and lunch to be scheduled)

1) MEME INFRASTRUCTURE: What makes an online space conducive to the production of memes? What is the future of online culture? What technologies might play a role?

Panelists: Drew Curtis (, Moot (4chan), Alexis Ohanian (, StupidFilter

Moderator: Anil Dash


2) THE BUSINESSES: What kind of businesses can be constructively built with internet culture? Does it require a different approach? What is the future of meme-based business?

Benjamin Palmer, Anil Dash, Evan White, Rocketboom

Moderator: JD Connor


3) THE ARTISTS: In many ways, webcomics and animators are the internet’s foremost meme creators. What do you think is the future of internet culture for creators? How does art online interact with art offline?

Panelists: Brad Neely, Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), The Brothers Chaps (Homestar Runner), RoosterTeeth (Red vs. Blue), Randall Munroe (Xkcd), Cyanide and Happiness

Moderator: ??


6-8 — Closing Stuff/Dinner
8-? — Party of the Internet 2008 — Every internet meme, ever. In one room. Partying out. Promise: they will be cranking that soulja boy.

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