Yelp Is Short for “Incredibly Helpful People”

Posted on January 30, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Partners and Friends, Tim


As we approach t-minus 3 months until ROFLCon, the Team’s been rushing around and handling all the logistical bric-a-brac that’s going to make this conference come together. This includes closing on venues, discussing how we’re going to rebuild the schedule (stay tuned!), working out registrations, playing endless rounds of Settlers of Catan, you name it. Needless to say, the process is back-breaking, tedious, and all that, so we’re amazingly happy whenever we get a helping hand.

Case in point: like a gift from the Powers That Be, we got contacted by the ever-active, ever-resourceful Ligaya T of fame. After tracking her awesome shout-out on our blog stats, we got to talking and I’m happy to announce today that they’re coming on board as conference partners! They’re helping us out in the local Cambridge venues game, coordinating with sponsors, and all in all getting the word out & about this event.

Good stuff. I have to say I’m pretty happy that all the pieces are starting to come together on this thing. Just putting it out there.

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Joshua Schachter, Founder of, To Be At ROFLCon!

Posted on January 29, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, Tim, Triumph

Speaking of creating healthy meme infrastructures and promoting vibrant folksonomies, ROFLCon’s confirming today that Joshua Schachter, founder of the amazingly spartan and amazingly useful, is going to be at ROFLCon! He’ll be joining our already formidable roster of meme infrastructure architects, and discussing his thoughts on the future of spaces for culture creation and sharing.

More about Joshua available here.

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Rocketboom Doing Interviews at ROFLCon, Releasing CC

Posted on January 28, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Partners and Friends, Tim

Been trading some e-mails with Andrew Baron, one of the head honchos at internet fave Rocketboom. Looks like in addition to being there, the ROFLCon Team’s worked out a partnership with the Rocketboom staff to conduct an ongoing series of interviews with our guests at the event and some with those who couldn’t make it. These’ll be released as ROFLCon goes on for general enjoyment and posterity.

Most exciting of all, they’ll be releasing the interview material on a liberal Creative Commons license! For those you not steeped in copyright regulation lore (and who wouldn’t be), this means that they’ll be a buttload of interview video with the memes freely available to copy, share, and remix. Very, very snazzy.

(image courtesy Tom Purves, CC BY)

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Start the Presses!: Wired Mag To Be Covering ROFLCon

Posted on January 25, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Tim, Triumph

Some weeks ago, regular readers of this blog might remember the kind of surprising, amazing shout-out that we received on’s Underwire blog.

Given that this is the first year that ROFLCon is being put together and all that, this was pretty much as far as we expected buzz about this conference to go in the blue-chip established media world. But just heard word from Brian Raftery, a writer for this little publication that he freelances for called Wired Magazine, that they’ll be there, covering the event.

Is this exuberantly great? Yep, pretty much.

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