The Hotel Story (aka Cambridge sux)

Posted on March 31, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, Crowdsourcin!, Sux, Tim

Many of you have been asking about hotels, and a bunch of people on the ROFLCon team been frantically trying to work out some sort of arrangement before the conference goes down, but I’ve come to the conclusion that, frankly, Cambridge really kind of sux.

Originally, we were thinking about just cutting a deal with the hotel that we’re putting guests into so that all you attendees could nail some semidecent housing at a good price. Unfortunately, it’s been kind of a perfect storm: it’s not only MIT Parents Weekend, but Harvard’s Pre-Frosh Weekend as well (so crazy parent quotient is up up up). So, the best we can do is ~$200+ a night (sadface) at the Kendall Marriot. If you are interested (bully for you), drop us a line at

If not, options:

1) Post that you want/are willing to house people here. Hope that the magic of crowdsourcing gets you through.

2) A kind of awesome project where you find people who’re willing to house you for free for good company/conversation. Membership is kind of involved though.

3) Cheap Hotels: Not too familiar with the Kendall Square area in terms of cheap hotels (post if you’ve got any ideas), but if you’re willing to commute a bit, there’s a Holiday Inn Express nearby, and a series of semicheap bed-and-breakfast type places over in Harvard Square.

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