Bonus ROFLs: Dino Ignacio (Bert Is Evil)

Posted on April 26, 2008 by geoffreygolden
Categories: Unmoderated Talks

After his panel on “Pwning For The Good of Mankind,” I asked Bert Is Evil creator Dino Ignacio a few more questions…

Geoffrey: I’m not going to ask you any more questions about your secret, unfortunate encounter with the CIA, but did you ever have any interactions with Sesame Workshop?

Dino: The closest interaction would be the open letter they sent about the whole thing. They never contacted me directly, but I think they were cool about it. In the open letter, they asked the mirrors of the site to shut down, because they knew my site was down. They were very polite — I received no threat from them at all.

G: Your site was popular very early on. Do you consider yourself a grandfather to the meme movement?

D: If there’s a grandfather, I would say it was Mr. T Ate My Balls. That’s one of my biggest influences. That, and the Spam Cam.

G: Do you feel a “class of ‘96″ camaraderie with those memes?

D: Maybe, because we were all pre-celebrity status. I’m with that group, I guess. Back when a million hits meant something! <Laughs>

G: Can you tell me about what you’re doing for EA?

D: I’m working on Dead Space — it’s a survival, shooter game. I’m doing the user interface for the game. With a small team of people, we’re doing all the holograms and signs.

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