Bonus ROFLs: Rob, Kris and Matt (Cyanide and Happiness)

Posted on April 28, 2008 by geoffreygolden
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After their panel, I caught up with Rob, Kris and Matt — three of the four writers of Cyanide and Happiness.

Geoffrey: You guys have been creating a lot of animations recently.  Are you thinking about taking Cyanide and Happiness to TV or making a shorts DVD?

Rob: It’s definitely one step at a time.  We’re gonna take it slow, do some more shorts, definitely.  Just see what happens.  So far, people like the shorts.  However, I think a short gets about as much traffic in a week as a comic does in two hours, so there’s no real incentive to make a complete switch-over to that format.  But if people like it enough, maybe we’ll go that route.

G: I’m not trying to instigate a rivalry, but I know Randall Monroe (xkcd) is here, and you guys have similar art styles, but are so different personality-wise.  Has their been any back in forth between your camp and theirs?

Kris: We share a lot of the same audience with xkcd, and I’m glad to see that our simply drawn, mostly all-in-the-writing comics have floated to the top, as opposed to all video game references and story-based comics.  It’s kind of an unexpected takeover.

R: Our style is definitely similar, but our writing styles are polar opposites, which is why it surprises me so much that we share so many fans.  I made a direct reference to xkcd in one of my comics and got enormous feedback.  Fans were like “oh my god!”  Like finding out two people are related or something.

Matt:  I love xkcd.  It’s one of my daily reads.

G: Now that these Digg-friendly, minimally drawn “writer” strips are popular, do you see that continuing indefinitely?  Or do you see some other kind of strip coming on the horizon? 

K: We’re thinking of making the big move from being “Digg-friendly” to “boob friendly.”  Absolutely.

R:  I think there can be multiple waves.  So as long as people like what we do, and as long as we keep doing it well, nothing’s gonna take our slot.  We’re not gonna get canceled, you know?

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