“Sleeper Hits of the Internet” Released

Posted on May 31, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Tim, Video

Word from Ho Tuan and our video production boys over at Respectably French that the video for the panel “Sleeper Hits of the Internet” is now available at their site. The other panels that have been released so far are also accessible here.

This is one of those situations where it might be worth just watching the video and following along on the Handy Dandy Playlist released by Dean a little while back. Though the panel video includes commentary by a bunch of people doing premieres and stuff at ROFLCon. Check it out!

[Note: It's been pointed out to me that this is also accessible at Archive.org, if you're particular about that sort of thing]

(Image courtesy catlaine, CC BY NC SA)

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Oh The Places ROFLCon Will Go!

Posted on May 28, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, Kickass, Participate, Plans, Tim

So, uh, this ROFLCon thing turned out to be pretty cool.

As we’re gratefully soaking up all the incredibly generous interwub praise from the press, guests, and seeing all our media find its way online, it occurs to us that this isn’t half as fun as getting rolling on putting together the next big thing.

So as of today, I’m happy to officially announce that members of the ROFLCon team will be fanning out across the nation this summer and will be kicking major ass in cities from coast to coast. We’re planning a healthy bushel of one day events with the internet celebrities in a variety of flavors — parties, bar takeovers, talks…

Roughly, the schedule we’re thinking about looks like as follows:

mid-July: Chicago, Seattle (party)
late-July: Seattle (some bigger event)

August: San Francisco, New York

More details to follow as they start to come together here at roflcon.org, so hang onto your seats and stay tuned. ALSO, if you’d like to help out and be a part of this — shoot me an e-mail at Tim AT roflcon.org, we’d be happy to have you aboard.

As for ROFLCon 2009? Well, we’re taking the wise and cautionary words of Adam Lindsay of LOLCode into mind — and we’re going to take it easy, keep what we’re doing with ROFLCon interesting new and changing, and see how the summer goes. Not going to lie though: doing another one is one helluva awesomesauce and attractive prospect.

(photo courtesy Kate Raynes-Goldie, CC BY SA NC)

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Where Are They Now?

Posted on May 26, 2008 by dianakimball
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So, Tim should have a more momentous birthday post up soon, BUT.  In the meantime, here’s an after-school special that everyone can enjoy.  (Well…everyone who enjoys blogs, at least?)  It’s Where Are They Now: ROFLCon Team and Assorted Friends Edition!

Will you like it?  Maybe!

From the top…

Secretly, most of the ROFLCon team moonlights as an organization called Harvard Free Culture.  In a final, blow-out, year-end event, HFC buried a Zune and an iPod in a ceremony that was “part-Viking, part-mafia.”  It was a Zuneral!  HFC post about the Zuneral here; awesome pictures by Dave here.

Also (and this is definitely self-serving), witness: the Tim & Diana Show, hosted by me (Diana Kimball) and the illustrious Tim Hwang.  It happens on Saturdays.  It is usually about 8 minutes long.  It is never called “the Tim & Diana Show.”  Maybe you will watch it!

I can tell you with probably about 107% confidence that more absurd projects will be coming down the pipeline.  We can’t seem to stop working together, so I think we’re just going to keep making up excuses!  Even when those excuses involve unscripted fake talk shows, and spatula’ing wet concrete into red plastic buckets.

And then there are the blogs.  So many blogs.  And Twitter accounts.  And Tumblrs.  See:

Tim Hwang—blogging at The U.S. Bureau of Fabulous Bitches, Twitter at timhwang.

Christina Xu—blogging at ComPromise, Tumblr here, Twitter at chrysaora, Flickr here.

Dean Jansen—heading up DRMisDeadToMe.org, working on YouTomb with a bunch of other friends & associates of ROFLCon.

Carrie Andersen—Tumblr/blog at Identity is the Meaning of Surface.

Rachel Popkin—blogging at www.rachelpopkin.com,  Tumblr at qwerticious, Twitter at arrkay.

Kevin Driscoll—blogging/portfolio’ing at kevindriscoll.info, DJ work at lonewolf, Twitter at desconcentrado.

Natalie Bau—blogging/Tumblr at econgirl.

Oliver Day—blogging at zeroday.

Susannah Roush—Twitter at wombatina.

…And, finally, yours truly! Diana Kimball—blogging at dianakimball.com, Twitter at dianakimball, Tumblr at sleuth.

So many services with unmelodious names!  We only hope you’ll find the writing and pictures and miscellany on these strange websites at least a little bit melodious.

Keep in mind that this is far (far far far) from being a full list of everyone who worked on ROFLCon.  It’s strongly biased toward people with TWELVE MILLION ACCOUNTS on twelve million different services, too!  But you’re the one who asked, “Where Are They Now?”* And this is everything I know, for now.

So here’s where we are.  Thanks for coming along for the ride, and I hope you find something new to love today! Here or, you know.  Out in nature somewhere.

*Actually, you’re not, but: details, details!

*Also, psst: ROFLCon Internet Cult Leaders panel moderator  Professor Christopher Kelty is coming out with a book!  Two Bits.  It’s about free software.  It’s also looks totally amazing.  Nice work, honorary fellow team member!

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Happy Birthday, ROFLCon!

Posted on May 25, 2008 by dianakimball
Categories: Announcements, Diana, Experiences, I Like The Web!, Team, Thoughts


Photo courtesy Doc Searls

We’ve been joking for a month about celebrating the one-month anniversary of ROFLCon.  In internet years (similar to dog years, except even more extreme), ROFLCon’s already an aging spinster!  But we still kind of like her.  In honor of this most special occasion, we wanted to pull together all the guest and team reflections on the conference that we could find.  We’ve been calling them “postmortems,” but that’s kind of mean, right?  I mean, she may be a spinster, but “dead” is such a strong word.

Without further ado, here are all the guest & team reflections I could find and fit into one post.  If you feel yours is missing, go ahead and add it in the comments!

* * *


Behold! Tim Hwang’s reflections,

Diana Kimball’s (that’s me!),

Christina Xu’s,

Rachel Popkin’s,

Carrie Andersen’s,

and Natalie Bau’s.

* * *

Meme Reflections & Reactions

Adam Lindsay (of LOLCode)

Alexis Ohanian (of Reddit and Breadpig) here and here

Alice Marwick (Saturday keynote speaker)

Andrew Baron (of RocketBoom)


Benjamin Palmer (of the Barbarian Group)

Professor Christopher Kelty (moderated Internet Cult Leaders panel)

David Weinberger

Dino Ignacio (of Bert is Evil)

Jason Scott

Jay Maynard (Tron Guy) here and here

Jeffrey Rowland (of Overcompensating) possibly here and here

Joe Mathlete (of Marmaduke Explained)

Joe Peacock (of Mentally Incontinent) here and here


Kevin Driscoll (Soulja Boy Studies)

Kyle MacDonald (of One Red Paperclip)

Matt Harding (of Where the Hell is Matt?)

xkcd, maybe (check out the rollover text!)

Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics)

Scott Beale (of Laughing Squid) here, here, and here

Stephen Granade (of LOLTrek): bingo here, video here

Xiaochang Li (CMS)

* * *

…Stay tuned for more goodies tomorrow, on Day 2 of ROFLCon’s one-month birthday!

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