Oh The Places ROFLCon Will Go!

Posted on May 28, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, Kickass, Participate, Plans, Tim

So, uh, this ROFLCon thing turned out to be pretty cool.

As we’re gratefully soaking up all the incredibly generous interwub praise from the press, guests, and seeing all our media find its way online, it occurs to us that this isn’t half as fun as getting rolling on putting together the next big thing.

So as of today, I’m happy to officially announce that members of the ROFLCon team will be fanning out across the nation this summer and will be kicking major ass in cities from coast to coast. We’re planning a healthy bushel of one day events with the internet celebrities in a variety of flavors — parties, bar takeovers, talks…

Roughly, the schedule we’re thinking about looks like as follows:

mid-July: Chicago, Seattle (party)
late-July: Seattle (some bigger event)

August: San Francisco, New York

More details to follow as they start to come together here at roflcon.org, so hang onto your seats and stay tuned. ALSO, if you’d like to help out and be a part of this — shoot me an e-mail at Tim AT roflcon.org, we’d be happy to have you aboard.

As for ROFLCon 2009? Well, we’re taking the wise and cautionary words of Adam Lindsay of LOLCode into mind — and we’re going to take it easy, keep what we’re doing with ROFLCon interesting new and changing, and see how the summer goes. Not going to lie though: doing another one is one helluva awesomesauce and attractive prospect.

(photo courtesy Kate Raynes-Goldie, CC BY SA NC)

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