NYC Flash Mob with This American Summer!

Posted on June 29, 2008 by Christina Xu
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We blogged about the wonderful “Where the Hell is Matt” 2008 video a while ago. We suspect you are now in one of two camps (it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure!):

1) You are lazy and haven’t watched it. Shame on you. Watch it! Go on, now! Once you watch it, you’ll probably be in…

2) You marveled at the greatness of our planet and the jiveness of Matt Harding. Now you are filled with warm fuzzies and also a slight twinge of jealousy and regret that you didn’t get to participate in such a wonderful project. Are there any cool projects like this now that I can participate in, you ask?

Well, does Team ROFLCon have the answer for you. Our friends at This American Summer have been roadtripping the country for almost a month now and documenting their wacky adventures online in the form of pictures, tweets, blog posts, videos, and even a constant update of what music they’re listening to in their van. Basically, they’re doing all the hard work so we can reap the benefits vicariously. Nice.

And now they’re taking it one step further. Check out this invite for a video flash mob they’re planning in NYC!

When: Monday June 30, 2008, 7 PM EDT
Where: Outside Grand Central Terminal on the southside (E 42nd St), across the street and under the pedestrian bridge
Why: It’s an interesting thing to do (and the footage should be cool).
Who: You!

Did you hear that? YOU! So if you’re in the area, grab a video recording device and join them! They’re a meme in the making, they were proud attendees of ROFLCon, and they’re wonderful people.

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Wired Magazine Coverage & Prelim Reservations For This Summer

Posted on June 24, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Kickass, ROFLThing San Francisco, Tim, Triumph

There’s only one outdated phrase one could use for ROFLCon’s recent feature article in the latest edition of Wired Magazine: freakin’ bodacious.

If you’re coming to this site and you’d like to reserve a spot at the next ROFLCon event during this summer, send an e-mail over to tim AT with your name, e-mail address, and location (we’re working on being all over the country over the next few months). We’ll keep people posted on how things are coming along on this blog — for now, know that San Francisco will definitely be happening. Details to follow.
Get in while you can — we’ve been taking informal requests for the past few weeks and spaces will run out.

(photo credit: Wired Mag, Angela Cappetta)

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One Red Paperclip House Up For Trade

Posted on June 22, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, Kickass, Partners and Friends, Tim

Kyle Macdonald, the genius behind the One Red Paperclip project and superstar panelist at ROFLCon, is finally picking up and trading his house! He’s accepting open offers for the cute three bedroom, two bathroom place that the internet built until July 11th.

At present, we can only speculate how far Kyle’s going to end up going with these new round of trades, but from his past performance, we’re pretty sure he’ll be getting his new personal spacecraft any day now…

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New “Where the Hell is Matt?” Video

Posted on June 21, 2008 by Carrie Andersen
Categories: Carrie, Video

It seems like every day we hear some news about one of our esteemed conference guests and their new (or old) shenanigans. And that’s great; so great, that we like to blog about it whenever we hear about said shenanigans.

Matt Harding, who had a sweet panel with Tron Guy at ROFLCon, has just released his 2008 “Where the Hell is Matt?” video, and it’s awesome. 42 countries in this one! Pretty astounding – take a look and see how many places you recognize. Or have heard of.

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