Wired Magazine Coverage & Prelim Reservations For This Summer

Posted on June 24, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Kickass, ROFLThing San Francisco, Tim, Triumph

There’s only one outdated phrase one could use for ROFLCon’s recent feature article in the latest edition of Wired Magazine: freakin’ bodacious.

If you’re coming to this site and you’d like to reserve a spot at the next ROFLCon event during this summer, send an e-mail over to tim AT roflcon.org with your name, e-mail address, and location (we’re working on being all over the country over the next few months). We’ll keep people posted on how things are coming along on this blog — for now, know that San Francisco will definitely be happening. Details to follow.
Get in while you can — we’ve been taking informal requests for the past few weeks and spaces will run out.

(photo credit: Wired Mag, Angela Cappetta)

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