Martin Sargent At San Francisco ROFLThing

Posted on July 30, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Partners and Friends, ROFLThing San Francisco, Tim, Triumph

Martin Sargent (here pictured back in April at the original ROFLCon with R Stevens and MC Frontalot) has just dropped a line to let me know he’ll be coming to next month’s San Francisco ROFLThing rolling helluva deep with a posse of our friends from Revision3!

In addition to being a total badass, Sargent’s currently the host of the web celebrity podcast show Internet Superstar, and has headed up a bunch of shows in the past, including such old school standards TechTV’s Unscrewed and humongously awesome Web Drifter.

You can see the A++ would buy again episode that he and his co-host Gator filmed at ROFLCon with the power-star combo of Tron Guy, Leslie Hall, and Denny Blaze here.

Oh, and, schedule has been updated accordingly.

(Photo courtesy Scott Beatle CC BY NC SA)

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