Moot, Founder of 4Chan, to Attend ROFLThing-NYC

Posted on December 8, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: New York, Partners and Friends, Tim

(Eds. note: You know, I thought I was only going to do one story today. But, screw it)

Reprising his role from ROFLCon back in April, and who the Guardian has lovingly referred to since as “the most influential web entrepreneur you’ve never heard of,” ROFLThing is happy to officially announce that moot will be coming to chill out, watch some talks, and otherwise hang on Jan 24th in New York City.

mootykins, if you’re unaware, is the founder and operator of the happy friendly image board community of 4chan. You know, the ones behind this. Annnd this. And, uh this. (None of these are Goatse — we’ll post that when we get him). Good times.

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