The Firefox Art Panel at ROFLThing-NYC

Posted on December 31, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Freeculture Nerds, Getting People, Kickass, New York, Tim, Triumph


In celebration of New Years, the team is super happy today to reveal our final mystery speaking slot for ROFLThing-NYC.

Specifically: we’re glad to announce that Jamie Wilkinson (who’ll be rolling deep with Serious Business later in the evening on the 24th) will be heading a panel showcasing “Firefox Art” — creative, experimental add-ons that twist the web experience (see e.g. Add-Art) — and discussing creativity on- and with- the web, and the specific possibilities presented by Firefox extensions, advances in javascript, and open-source generally.

In addition to Jamie, the panel will feature fellow F.A.T. member Steve Lambert (who you may remember from the NYTimes Special Edition project a month back, among other projects), and Tobias Leingruber, programmer of China Channel and the co-creator of Pirates of the Amazon. They’ll also be talking about ArtZilla, an awesome repository for Firefox add-on projects usually denied from listing on the universe for being “useless art.”

Badass? You betcha.

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