One Time Opportunity To Own The DNA of the Internet

Just got word from ROFL-MC (and Reddit honcho) Alexis Ohanian that his outfit Breadpig has officially launched the auction for the ROFLDNA project!

If you were at ROFLThing-NYC, you might remember Alexis shadily going around and getting a bunch of our speakers/guests to swab their cheeks for DNA. These swabs were sent to the good people over at DNA11, who promptly combined them and created the gorgeous DNA Mini Portrait that you see above. It contains the genetic material of the following web folks:

The hope, of course, is that one day we’ll be able to use the Mini Portrait to resurrect the entire internet in some grim bombed out cyberpunk future. But until then, you can own this totally sweet wall ornament and conversation piece. Keep it safe for future generations!

The auction ends this Thursday, so act fast if you want to get in. Best of all, the entire proceeds from the auction will be donated to the good people over @ Science Commons. Rock.

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