Posted on August 27, 2009 by Tim Hwang
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ROFLCon 2008. Remember that? Those were good times.

Sure, we’ve done some events here and there since. ROFLCon-SF in Summer 2008 was tons of fun, and ROFLCon-NYC in January 2009 was graced (awesomely) by Vincent “Comic Sans” Connare (and Alexis Ohanian shadily swabbing internet celebs for DNA). We even had a chance to mix it up with the amazingly swanky Titans of Small Town show in between.

But really, in the end, we got to talking, and all of these events have been pale versions of the original insanity of April 2008. Because, no doubt, while you can certainly get your OMG YAY INTERNET THANG ON in a day, there’s just all these limits to doing weenie one-day event in bars around America. They’re too small, they’re too short, and the wifi is weak like a wet paper bag.

Ultimately, we realized that we couldn’t do enough of the cool, substantive, fun stuff that we would like for ROFLCon in that kind of format.

We also kind of agreed that we liked it old school. ROFLCon was a massive, 900+ person, 2-day slog in Boston with more internet culture notables invited than you could shake a stick at and some real thinking about web culture, where it’s been, and where it’s going (and, of course, the quiet joys of seeing shit like this). Lord knows a helluva lot has happened on the ol’ Information Superhighway since Spring 2008, and we’d want to bring ALL of it back to hometown Boston.

So, after long last, we’ve made a fateful decision and set a course. Sitting in front of your computer? Mark your calendars and set phasers for awesome.

ROFLCON II — April 2010.

We’re back. And we’re bringing the entire internet with us.

[Update: we've been getting tons of questions today -- if you want to be kept posted about registration, details, etc as it comes together -- drop an e-mail to tim@roflcon.org]

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