The Three Wolf Moon Panel: Completed!

Posted on November 17, 2009 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, ROFLCon II, Tim, Triumph


Well, that certainly completes our emerging powerhouse of a Three Wolf Moon panel at ROFLCon II.

I’m glad to announce today that through the ongoing help of the creative/director owner of the Mountain, Michael McGloin, we’ve confirmed Brian Govern, a student at Rutgers known in the annals of recent internet culture as the guy who posted the very first review of the Three Wolf Moon shirt on Amazon. This pretty much means we’ll have the entire course of the meme, from soup to nuts, brought together for the first time and represented live at ROFLCon II.

Which is to say: first!

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This Is Why You’re Fat (at ROFLCon)

Posted on November 16, 2009 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, ROFLCon II, Tim, Triumph

If you’re like me, you’ll spend a few seconds trying to process what you’re looking at above before your brain slowly comes to the mind-expanding realization that what you’re looking at is, in fact, a partially eaten, upside down mac and cheese pizza. Specifically, that’s a layer of mac & cheese sandwiched between two cheese pizzas.

Good news today that the endlessly creative purveyors and talented curators behind these sort of what-the-fuck food moments, Jessica Amason from multiple-serving blog This Is Why You’re Fat, will be reppin’ up at ROFLCon in the spring! She’ll be talking about life on the road, their recent book, web culture, and fattyhood. Thrilled to have them on board!

We’ll probably have to break out some fried butter in the reg packs for the occasion.  Stay tuned.

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MemeFactory at ROFLCon II

Posted on November 12, 2009 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Partners and Friends, ROFLCon II, Tim


In the universe of people talking about and exploring culture on the wubs, there are the good, and there are the bad. Sadly, the fact of it is that there’s way more of the bad than there is of the good (also see e.g.). So when the occasional totally ballin’ diamond in the rough comes rolling around and catches our eye, ROFLCon HQ always does a little booty-shaking victory dance and settles down to try to bring them to the conference.

In that vein, I’m glad to announce today that Mssrs Mike Rugnetta and Patrick Davison, the two directors behind NYC based lecture-performance-group What We Know So Far (and subsequently, with Stephen Bruckert, the incredibly slick MemeFactory), will be attending ROFLCon II in the spring! MemeFactory is possibly one of the sharpest captures of web culture we’ve seen this year, and we’re thrilled to have Mike and Patrick representin’ as some of the most talented commentators we’ve ever seen.

If you want to catch a little of what they do, heads up that Patrick will be speaking next week at IgniteNYC. Totally worth catching him, if you’re in the area (be sure to ask him about chickens, no seriously). I’ve updated the guest list accordingly (as per usual).

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Amazing Superpowers @ ROFLCon II

Posted on November 9, 2009 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, ROFLCon II, Tim, Triumph

Good news! And, happy Monday.

I’m glad to report to you all the first of what will be just the beginning of a ridiculously ballin’ wave of webcomics folks that will be rolling out and confirming over the next few weeks for ROFLCon. To be precise, we’re officially announcing today that we’ve confirmed that Wes and Tony, the understated masterminds behind the ridiculously slick operation over at Amazing Superpowers (and their recent project over at Boat Crime — including my personal favorite Bomb Dawgs) will be attending ROFLCon II!

Watch out — we’ve got more coming out these week, including some commentators and other good stuffs.

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