danah boyd at ROFLCon!

Posted on January 12, 2010 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, ROFLCon II, Tim, Triumph

You might have noticed that we’ve been mostly staying below the radar and off the grid for the past few weeks, this is partially because some of us left town for vacationing in tropical islands, and partially because shit has been bananas getting things ramped up for the four-month dash into ROFLCon II.

But, I’m excited to kick off activity here online once again by announcing yet another edition in an increasingly distinguished and awesome group of academics being featured at the conference. You heard right, today we are are thrilled to officially confirm that researcher danah boyd will be attending and speaking at the conference!

You might remember danah from her kickass research on the socioeconomics of Facebook and Myspace, as well as more recent work deflating the internet-is-full-of-danger argument and on the meaning of the retweet. Excited to have her aboard!

Coda: the big announcement this week is that registration will be up and operational by the end of the week! If you’ve dropped a line to me already, we’ll be giving you folks a 24 hour headstart, so watch those inboxes. Due to our desire to avoid the conference being a complete fire hazard, tickets will be limited, so you want to be quick on the trigger if you want snag them.

photo CC BY courtesy Robert Scoble

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