It’s Rob Cockerham At ROFLCon

Posted on February 23, 2010 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, ROFLCon II, Tim, Triumph


We’re super glad glad glad today to announce that Robert Cockerham, the man behind the long-standing and much revered, will be attending ROFLCon II!

You might remember Rob from his series How Much Is Inside?, in which he has been meticulously documenting (for over a decade now), how much stuff is inside various things by actually measuring/pouring/spreading it out. This includes, ridiculously, the amount of gold in Goldschlager, the white-frosty-filling in a package of Oreos, and wrapping a whole car in aluminum foil.

It’s surprisingly engrossing and well worth the read, if you haven’t had the experience yet. More recently, Rob has seriously trolled a seriously shady Cash4Gold scheme, and revealed the hilariously disappointing real-world comparison between McDonalds and Burger King. So in other words, he’s tip-top ROFLCon material, and we’re pumped to have him.

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