“Mainstreaming The Web” — Complete Video

Posted on May 24, 2010 by Tim Hwang
Categories: ROFLCon II, Tim, Video

First off, apologies — despite our promises to the contrary, the video from the conference has been taking a bit later than expected to get out. But, glad to announce that as of tonight we’re finally up off our asses and chugging along on getting all the complete panel videos from ROFLCon II out to the internet. Expect to see them popping out on this blog at a fairly steady clip over the next few weeks.

We decided that the first of these, to lead off strong, would be our final keynote panel on “Mainstreaming The Web,” featuring Ben Huh (I Can Has Cheezburger), moot (4chan), Kenyatta Cheese (Know Your Meme), Jamie Wilkinson (Internetfamo.us), and Greg Rutter (You Should Have Seen This). The panel description is:

As web culture increasingly flows into the mainstream, it becomes enmeshed in a crowded world of businesses and commentators. In turn, it becomes more easily digestible and accessible to broad audiences. What are the ethics of being a part of that space? As this process continues, what is gained? What is left behind?

And, if you prefer the glory of the blip.tv player experience, you can also check out the direct link here.

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