“It Looks Like You Are Giving A Keynote” — Complete Video

Posted on May 26, 2010 by Tim Hwang
Categories: ROFLCon II, Tim, Video

Next up out of the ROFLCon II video hopper — complete video from “It Looks Like You Are Giving A Keynote,” our Saturday morning keynote with Kevan Atteberry, the designer behind Clippy. The talk description is as follows:

A short whirlwind tour of animated assistants, starting with Microsoft Bob. How did Clippy end up being the default Character for Microsoft Office? And how has it continued to live on in internet culture? And why did it take hundreds of hours of testing with Social Psychologists from Stanford to build it? (seriously).

And, as before, if you want to glory of the blip.tv player, here it is.

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