ROFLCon 3: April 2012

Posted on December 29, 2010 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements

Yeah, yeah, yeah – we’re finally making a post on this here blog. I know what you’re thinking to yourself: FUCKIN’ MIRACLES.

Greeting everyone! It’s been awhile — hard to believe that time flies so quickly. ROFL2 was about eight months ago now, but seems like just the other day we were sitting at MIT, chomping down on some donuts, depriving ourselves of sleep, and seeing the most massive collection of the wonderful and internet-y exploding all round. It’s sort of a mind blowing experience.

We’ve been getting a good bunch of e-mails recently about if and when ROFLCon 3 will be making an appearance. To answer both:

1) Will it happen again? YES. It will. Rest assured.

2) When will it happen again? The first ROFLCon took place on April 2008, ROFLCon II took place on April 2010. Accordingly, we’re now thinking that ROFLCon III will be happening in Cambridge, MA on April 2012. In addition to an obsessive love of neat and tidy scheduling — we kind of like the added perspective of doing it every other year and bringing you only the best of the internets, like the Olympics or something. Besides, there’s always the slim chance of the Mayans being right and us avoiding the whole hubblaboo of conference planning altogether.

So ROFLCon 3. April 2012. Set your timers. That being said, we’re still planning some smaller events, meetups, and all the rest in the interim, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements on that!

OH AND YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING ABOUT THE VIDEO - you may have noticed that a good amount of the conference video from May still hasn’t made its way up here, though we’ve gotten some biggies up in the past few months. We’ve been struggling with getting the raw content over to a format that can be uploaded easily to Blip/etc (the original was recorded in Ogg), which is what’s caused some of the delay. Looks like it will take awhile longer, but it will eventually get online. That being said, if you can’t wait and you’re of the geeky persuasion, you might want to take a crack at it yourself – it’s available on the internet archive.

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