Pre-ROFLSummit Meetup and Schedule

Posted on September 28, 2011 by Tim Hwang
Categories: ROFLSummit

Glad to report that the rumors are all true — we’re teaming up with the good people over at Reddit to do a pre-ROFLCon Summit meetup in Portland on Friday. If you’re around in town, come and catch a couple drinks with us! It’ll be starting around 8 PM over at Ringler’s. We’ll probably end up later that night over at Ground Kontrol being huge nerds – keep an eye out our Twitter account, we’ll keep things updated from there.

Also, we’ve updated the conference website with the final schedule description and line-ups! Check it out, kids.

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ROFLCon Summit Unleashed – October 1st

Posted on September 19, 2011 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, ROFLSummit

Yup — it’s time now for a very special, first-time-ever, one-day ROFLCon Summit. In just under two weeks on October 1st, we’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing together everyone once again for a truly epic celebration of the internets in Portland, Oregon. Speakers to include a truly, unbelievably badass cast, including:

No kidding, and that’s not the end of it (yeah yeah yeah we’ve sent Chuck Testa an e-mail already SO OBVIOUS GAWD). We’ll continue to update over on our Twitter as we creep up on the event, as well as on the special site that’s been spun up specifically for the Summit (which also contains the schedule so you can see how everything all fits together).

There might also be a six-foot paper mache Forever Alone head. Just putting that out there.

Registration is now open for $35, with a full day of sessions, post-conference party, rad schwag, and other awesomeness (ALL the awesomeness) included in that. Due to the constraints of the space (at the palatial offices of W+K), we’re capping attendance at 300 — they’re going fast, so snag ‘em while you can.

If you’ve got any questions/concerns/hate mail, drop a line over at, or drop me a line directly at

(above: actually a legit mural that got done for the conference. Yup, we’ve been busy).

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