The Supercuts Panel @ ROFLCon III

Posted on February 15, 2012 by Tim Hwang
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Phew – sorry for the delay folks, we’ve been just completely overloaded here at ROFLCon HQ, and only now getting a chance to get back on the ol’ guest announcements bandwagon. Expect a return to your regularly scheduled programming from here on in.

In any case, a few weeks back we announced the good news that our friend Andy Baio would be attending and representing at ROFLCon III for an as-yet-unannounced panel. The behind-the-scenes wrangling has been officially concluded, and we’re thrilled to announce today that Andy will moderating a panel on the wonderful Internet phenomena that is supercuts.

Accompanying the session will be a trio of the creative minds behind some of the most epic supercuts ever committed to Internet. These will be:

* Rich FourFour Juzwiak – creator of “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” and “No Signal,” among others
* Duncan Robson – creator of “Let’s Enhance,” and “Tumbleweeds”
* Aaron Valdez – of Wreck and Salvage and recently of Star Wars Uncut

Links to their work, and other assorted awesomeness they have produced above. Thrilled to have all three of them! Welcome aboard, folks.

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