The ROFLCon Pre-Party: Tonight!

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, ROFLCon III, Tim

Kiddos! We are less than 24 hours from ROFLCon. Are you excited? We’re excited.

Anyways, if you’re around in town this evening – come and join us before our calm before the storm meet up. Started by Scott Beale back when we started in 2008, it’s been traditionally a great time to hang out with your fellow attendees and meet the various guests before all the proceedings get started.

This will be happening at the Asgard in Cambridge (350 Massachusetts Avenue) starting at 8 PM and going until they kick our asses out onto the curb.

Also, thanks to the good efforts of Austin Powell and the team of the Internet’s hometown newspaper the Daily Dot, there’ll be an open bar! You are obligated to give them infinite high-fives if you see them around. See you all on the Web 0.7.

(photo courtesy cityrover, CC BY NC)

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