Internets Celebrities are coming to town

Posted on January 23, 2009 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: Getting People, New York, Tim, Triumph


Chea! Continuing in the barrage of information that we’ve been lovingly filling you RSS feed with of late, AnnounceCon 2.0 is well underway and we’re way excited to be announcing Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam from Internets Celebrities as featured attendees! Their bud, Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine and HipHopMusic(.com) will also be in attendance.

These cewebrities have created several well received video essays that were featured on iFC and are the self proclaimed ” Woodward and Bernstein for the YouTube generation.” These two are definitely some dudes that you want to hang out with. Watch out because their super stellar director, Casimir will be hanging around as well, maybe they want to film us?

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Oh man guys! This is probably the most exciting news that I’ve had since I found out that peanut butter indeed actually came in a slice form and skimmed 45 seconds off of my lunch packing time as a child.

Muxtape, the super awesome music playlist-sharing site that was taken down awhile back, is making an epic return: “relaunching soon, in the service of bands.”  The new guys up top, Justin Ouellette and Luke Crawford will be hanging out and handing out some swag. Be sure to show them some love.

UPDATE: No way: Muxtape for Bands is sponsoring Saturday night’s Afterparty for the Internets!!  You’ll see them on the dancefloor, joining us for some Serious Bu$iness.

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MC Frontalot decides to rock it at ROFLThing NYC

Posted on January 22, 2009 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: Getting People, New York, Tim, Triumph


So for any of you kids hat sat around and used to,  I don’t know, spend all day in front of your computer, troll message boards and play the occasional MMO on your sweet setup, this is your man.

That’s right guys, the guy that most everyone would call the founding father of Nerdcore, MC Frontalot, has decided to come and hang out at  ROFLThing-NYC – to our collective delight.  He shot his way to fame in our hearts for not only laying down the freshest beats, but after a show he helped out one of our staffers after they got towed. We’re super stoked to have him hanging out with us mere internet mortals.

Man, that MC Frontalot is such a cool dude!

It’s not too late to get tickets to ROFLThing, we’re giving to charity — check this out

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URLesque rocks the sponsorship boat at ROFLThing NYC

Posted on January 15, 2009 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: New York, Triumph, rachel


Hey Guys! We’re super stoked to announce the epic return of Urlesque as sponsors and attendees at ROFLThing! They hauled their asses all the way out to Cambridge for ROFLCon 2008 and showed us lots of love, and now they’re kicking off the year right by spending some more time with us!

This fantastic bunch has is referred to by Rocketboom as a number one “Memey Resource“, and they’ve frequently gifted us with the greatest collections of writing that I’ve had suck my time away on the internet. Among my personal favorites are: Top 7 Wikipedia Lists and Categories, The Best / Worst of Skymall [+ pics!] , and What is this animal and where can we get one? which nearly inspired me to take a spontaneous trip to South America (much like the Great Panda Adventure convinced me that every white kid who travelled to China in the early 90’s gets a free panda — as it turns out, that’s not true, and I was really just a deluded kid).

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