Can’t spell Saturday without WIN

Posted on May 1, 2010 by Christina Xu
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We’re very happy to announce a slew of exciting things happening on Saturday that you definitely don’t want to miss. They all involve internet celebrities AND/OR dancing! What more could you ask for?

***Dance with Matt Harding***

Matt, of “Where the Hell is Matt” fame, is shooting one of his famous dancing videos at ROFLCon this year at 1:30PM on Saturday during the lunch break. If you are interested in learning a short dance and becoming internet famous, there will be a group leaving from where the pizza is 5 minutes before, or you can just make your own way over here.

***ChatRoulette Bingo, Round Two, FIGHT!***

Dr. Beth Coleman and her CMS.100 class have created a ChatRoulette Bingo game for ROFLcon participants and fans of emoticon-based games everywhere. The first sound on Friday was EPIC.

There will be a repeat session on Saturday from 1 – 2 PM during lunch in the Bartos lobby of E15. Beth reports that initial playtests saw “lots of laughs, participation, and full frontal nudity…” What’s not to love??

***TopatoCo Signing Schedule***

Thanks to the amazing comic artist wrangling skills of TopatoCo VP Holly Post, a wide assortment of webcomic masters will be available to autograph things, shake hands, and kiss babies throughout Saturday at the TopatoCo merch table outside 26-100.

11-12 Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics
12-1 Zach Weiner, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
1-2 Wes & Tony, Amazing Superpowers
2-3 Emily & Joey, A Softer World
3-4 Jeph Jacques, Questionable Content

***ROFLafterparty at Machine’s No Tomorrow***

I was going to write something clever, but I can’t top this poster:

No Tomorrow, Machine, 21+, $5ROFLCON AFTERPARTY AT MACHINE!!!111!!one!!!1!1!!one!
1254 Boylston Street., Boston, MA
21+, $5 cover ($10 after midnight)

(Many thx to Mike McKay and the No Tomorrow team for getting up close and personal with the Goatse hands to make this poster, and for having us!)

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Afterparty is 21+, But Free Friday Night?

Posted on January 22, 2009 by Tim Hwang
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So, after a long, drawn-out battle and discussion with the owners over the last week or so, Moomia’s has officially dinged us down hard and all our alternative suggestions to work it out: the afterparty will be 21+. We’re stuck too because there’s no other venues open at this point.

This sucks so hard and we feel like asshats. Particularly because the 18+ crowd is internets too.

But – if you want parties and shenanigans and are in town early, ROFLThing’s got something cooked up for you.

On, uh, the New York City subway system. With people.

Friday night. 10:30 PM. Union Square, near the statue of Ol’ George Washington.

We’ll be there. You should be too.

It’s not too late to get tickets to ROFLThing, we’re giving to charity — check this out

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Happy Birthday, ROFLCon!

Posted on May 25, 2008 by dianakimball
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Photo courtesy Doc Searls

We’ve been joking for a month about celebrating the one-month anniversary of ROFLCon.  In internet years (similar to dog years, except even more extreme), ROFLCon’s already an aging spinster!  But we still kind of like her.  In honor of this most special occasion, we wanted to pull together all the guest and team reflections on the conference that we could find.  We’ve been calling them “postmortems,” but that’s kind of mean, right?  I mean, she may be a spinster, but “dead” is such a strong word.

Without further ado, here are all the guest & team reflections I could find and fit into one post.  If you feel yours is missing, go ahead and add it in the comments!

* * *


Behold! Tim Hwang’s reflections,

Diana Kimball’s (that’s me!),

Christina Xu’s,

Rachel Popkin’s,

Carrie Andersen’s,

and Natalie Bau’s.

* * *

Meme Reflections & Reactions

Adam Lindsay (of LOLCode)

Alexis Ohanian (of Reddit and Breadpig) here and here

Alice Marwick (Saturday keynote speaker)

Andrew Baron (of RocketBoom)


Benjamin Palmer (of the Barbarian Group)

Professor Christopher Kelty (moderated Internet Cult Leaders panel)

David Weinberger

Dino Ignacio (of Bert is Evil)

Jason Scott

Jay Maynard (Tron Guy) here and here

Jeffrey Rowland (of Overcompensating) possibly here and here

Joe Mathlete (of Marmaduke Explained)

Joe Peacock (of Mentally Incontinent) here and here


Kevin Driscoll (Soulja Boy Studies)

Kyle MacDonald (of One Red Paperclip)

Matt Harding (of Where the Hell is Matt?)

xkcd, maybe (check out the rollover text!)

Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics)

Scott Beale (of Laughing Squid) here, here, and here

Stephen Granade (of LOLTrek): bingo here, video here

Xiaochang Li (CMS)

* * *

…Stay tuned for more goodies tomorrow, on Day 2 of ROFLCon’s one-month birthday!

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Posted on April 24, 2008 by mattblake
Categories: Announcements, Experiences, Logistics, Matt, Planning, Triumph

After a long night of drinking Brawndo and rocking out the ROFLTeam, with awesome help from the ROFLutionaries volunteer corps and a special guest appearance by the Mozilla Firefox himself (I’m not even kidding, I love my life right now,) have things almost wrapped up for the conference. We completed packing 70 guest boxes, 700 attendee boxes and the printing of 800 super sweet official registration badges (heck, we even sorted them into categories.) Minor issues like needing 10 extra large boxes, copy machine jams, or issues with crappy web services couldn’t stop our march to victory, and at this point everyone is ready to rest up in the calm before the storm. We can’t wait to see everyone stopping by early at the Asgard tomorrow night, and of course at the conference on Friday. Have a safe trip everyone!

…Oh, and the best part? We should have enough Brawndo on hand for everyone attending.

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