URLesque rocks the sponsorship boat at ROFLThing NYC

Posted on January 15, 2009 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: New York, Triumph, rachel


Hey Guys! We’re super stoked to announce the epic return of Urlesque as sponsors and attendees at ROFLThing! They hauled their asses all the way out to Cambridge for ROFLCon 2008 and showed us lots of love, and now they’re kicking off the year right by spending some more time with us!

This fantastic bunch has is referred to by Rocketboom as a number one “Memey Resource“, and they’ve frequently gifted us with the greatest collections of writing that I’ve had suck my time away on the internet. Among my personal favorites are: Top 7 Wikipedia Lists and Categories, The Best / Worst of Skymall [+ pics!] , and What is this animal and where can we get one? which nearly inspired me to take a spontaneous trip to South America (much like the Great Panda Adventure convinced me that every white kid who travelled to China in the early 90’s gets a free panda — as it turns out, that’s not true, and I was really just a deluded kid).

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T-shirt designs of awesomeness, all for you!

Posted on January 4, 2009 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: Announcements, Consumerism, Triumph, rachel

Since none of us team members here at ROFLThing have any friends who are not, in fact, fans of robots. We decided to bring our love of robots out and share it with you guys, our beloved attendees. Teaming up and collaborating with the super awesome print-on-demand crew over at Spreadshirt, you’ll soon be checking out the super slick limited edition designs printed on comfy American Apparrel tees.

Our uber lovable Bigeye design is super friendly, and bound to be a good conversation starter. These babies are twenty bucks each, in conjunction with registration for the conference. Keep eyes peeled for our other robot designs at the conference — the staffers have something special hidden up their sleeves!

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Christian Lander of Stuff White People Like Speaking @ ROFLThing

Posted on December 16, 2008 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: Getting People, New York, rachel

Christian Lander

Oh man guys! Everyone’s favorite red-headed Canadian cutie has signed up to speak at yet another ROFLevent. Christian Lander is the brilliant satirist behind the infamous blog (and now book) aptly titled Stuff White People Like. As an white bread kid myself, I find myself slightly embarrassed at how fantastically accurately this website paints my life — which includes a love of Bicycles (#61), Indie Music (#41), Graduate School (#81), and Unpaid Internships (#105).

Expect to see Christian walking around, jotting down notes on what his next blogposts will contain. Maybe if you ask him nicely, you can sneak a peek. He’ll be talking about the history of Stuff White People Like, its unexpected explosion, his experiences touring on the road, and what lies ahead for SWPL.

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Ji Lee of the Bubble Project is back on board.

Posted on December 15, 2008 by Rachel Mercer
Categories: Getting People, Kickass, New York, rachel

 PosTits or GTFO.

Super stoked to jump on the AnnounceCon 2008 bandwagon and announce the epic return of Ji Lee to the ROFLcon featured attendee list. In case you guys don’t remember, he’s that dude that essentially turned New York City into a giant caption contest by posting an obscene amount of blank speech bubbles all over the metropolitan area and photographing the aftermath. As would be expected, hilarity ensued.

Expect to see Lee lurking with ninja-like stealth in the shadows, armed with a sharpie marker, paste, and several bubbles. Want a chance to make a statement too? Here’s a way to DIY.

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