Things To Check Out Friday Night: MemeFactory

Posted on April 28, 2010 by Tim Hwang
Categories: ROFLCon II, Team, Tim, Video

AND SPEAKING of the ridiculousness going on Friday night, our talented and brilliant ROFLStaffer Jesse Gold has put together this fantastically great promo of what to expect from the MemeFactory folks for their performance on the first night of ROFLCon. We’ve seen it before, and let us just say that it is absolutely worth checking out.

If you’re so inclined to learn more, you can also see a longer cut of this interview here. Mike and Patrick talk about the internet, creativity, higher aims, and the internet’s most meme-y of memes: the memebrid.

In any case, this is a good time to reveal at least a small part of our grand master plans: Jesse and International Man of Mystery Randy Plemel will be putting together similar long-format interviews with all of our guests throughout the conference that will be released CC post-conference, compiling an (as yet) unrivaled archive of primary source interviews with internet people. Should be sweet!

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Catch The SF-ROFLThing Webcast!

Posted on August 29, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Partners and Friends, ROFLThing San Francisco, Tim, Video

So if you didn’t make it out last night to Barbarian Group’s Achewood pre-party, you missed out — was a totally awesome time. Chris Onstad and Barbarian’s very own Rick Webb were in top form.

In any case, while over there, the ROFLThing team ran into Adam Jackson, steadfast lifecaster and the guy behind the blog DailyTechTalk. He’s generously offered to webcast the entire event tonight for all of you folks that we’ve been hearing from who are out of town or are just too lazy to get out of their house and come party with us.

In short, who has two thumbs and is totally awesome? THAT GUY (above).

You can catch all the hotness starting to roll around 5 PST over at Adam’s channel.

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SF-ROFLThing On Internet Superstar

Posted on August 24, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: ROFLThing San Francisco, Tim, Video


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Dino Ignacio on Internet Superstar!

Posted on August 5, 2008 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Partners and Friends, Tim, Video

Caught wind of news today that ROFLThing guest Dino Ignacio (creator of the much-mirrored Bert Is Evil meme), was on the most recent episode of Internet Superstar with Martin Sargent! Check it out here.

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