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THE ROFL Aftermath 2010


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Pre-ROFL Coverage 2010


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The ROFLThings


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(And Emily Goligoski’s Parallel Post)

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The ROFL Aftermath 2008


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Pre-ROFL Coverage 2008


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Rolling on the Floor Laughing Convention (Bostonist)

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Web Humour: A Guide to Rick-Rolling (MSN UK)

Net Event Sells Out (Nashua Telegraph)

Rick-Rolling: An Action Primer for the Uninitiated (NPR, the Bryant Park Project)Famous Internet Memes to Gather at ROFLCon 2008 (, The Underwire)

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The most anticipated, talked about event of the year.


From lolcats to goatse to the Zidane headbutt, I’ve been at least tenuously linked to some of the web’s most notable and notorious memes. Naturally, when I heard about ROFLCon, a conference being organized at Harvard to celebrate online memes and celebrities, I knew I had to be there.

Anil Dash

In what could turn out to be just about the greatest convention in the history of conventions, the organizers of ROLFCon are attempting to assemble all the famous internet memes and icons in one place.


Virgin fest.

BF2S Forums

Oh god, ROFLCon. Promise me something? Please have free condoms well-stocked throughout the weekend. I don’t want any of these people breeding with each other.

— Gavin Baker, Friend of Harvard Free Culture

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