ROFLCon Guest, Presenter, and Moderator Bios


1) Jay Maynard, Tron Guy

2) Kyle Macdonald, Paperclip to House Guy

3) Martin Grondin, LOLCat Bible

4) Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics

5) The Brothers Chaps, Homestar Runner

6) Ryan and Arija, LOLSecretz

7) Stephen Granades, LOLTrek

8 ) Leslie Hall, Gem Sweater

9) Dino Ignacio, Bert Is Evil

10) David Lloyd, OCRemix

11) Alexis Ohanian, LOLDeconstructed/Reddit

12) Randall Munroe, Xkcd

13) Group X

14) Adam Lindsay, LOLCode

17) Drew Curtis,

18) Rob, Kris, Matt, and Dave, Cyanide and Happiness/

19) Rooster Teeth, Red versus Blue

20) Matt Harding, Where the Hell is Matt?

21) moot, 4chan

22) Ian Spector, Chuck Norris Facts

23) Rocketboom

24) Joe Mathlete, Marmaduke Explained

25) Brad Neely, Creased Comics and Super Deluxe

26) “Cheezburger,” I Can Haz Cheezburger

27) Chris Hastings, Dr. McNinja

28) Joey Comeau, A Softer World

29) Brian Finklestein, Snakes on a Blog

30) Jeffrey Rowland, Wigu/Overcompensating

31) MC Frontalot

32) Matt Haughey, MetaFilter

33) Neil Cicierega, Lemon Demon

34) Jeph Jacques, Questionable Content

35) Joe Peacock, Mentally Incontinent

36) Justine Ezarik, iJustine/300-page iPhone Bill

37) Richard Stevens, Dumbrella/Diesel Sweeties

38) Leeroy Jenkins

39) John Hargrave,

40) James Zetlen, Sorry Everybody

41) Andy Ochiltree, JibJab

42) Ji Lee, The Bubble Project

43) Avi Muchnick, Worth1000

44) Denny Blaze, Average Homeboy

45) Christian Lander, Stuff White People Like

46) Alex Tew, The Million Dollar Homepage

47) Brooke Brodack

48) The Firefox


1) Chris Kelty, Rice University

3) J.D. Connor, Harvard University

4) Rich Doyle, Penn State University

5) David Weinberger, Berkman Center

6) Alice Marwick, NYU

7) Lana Swartz, CMS

Awesome Folks/Internet Culture Pundits/Captains of Internet Industry

1) Anil Dash, Six Apart

3) Benjamin Palmer, The Barbarian Group

4) Martin Sargent, Web Drifter,

5) Evan White, PR

6) Joshua Schachter, Memepool/

7) Jay Parkinson, M.D.

8 ) Nick Douglas, Gawker Media

9) Scott Beale, Laughing Squid

10) Jason Scott,

11) Kevin Driscoll, CMS

Adam Lindsay (LOL Code)
Adam Lindsay is an ex-MIT nerd who has traveled the world doing geeky things with the MPEG committee. Loving the internet to the point of addiction, he has finally started to figure out what to do with all the ideas he has every day. LOLCODE was just the beginning.

Alex Tew (The Million Dollar Homepage)
In the summer of 2005, Alex Tew was about to go to university to read Business Management when he realised he was broke. He came up with an idea to sell 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each, and The Million Dollar Homepage was born. Four months later he had made his million, after a frenzy of pixel buying. Alex has retired from pixel hustling and is now working on new ideas.

Alexis Ohanian (Reddit)
After graduating from the University of Virginia in June 2005, Alexis Ohanian started reddit with Steve Huffman. In October of 2006, their company was acquired by Condé Nast, where he is now a product manager (and still mascot doodler). When no one is looking, he runs a company called Breadpig, Inc., which is responsible for doing and designing geeky things with no goals for personal wealth creation.

Alice Marwick (PhD Student in the Department of Culture and Communication at NYU)

Alice Marwick is a PhD student in the Department of Culture and Communication at NYU, studying social technology from a feminist perspective. She also writes about marketing, politics and pop culture, which are all hard to unentangle from technology anyway. She has worked in the technology industry for 10 years, and currently moonlights as a consultant with software companies on user experience and online social practices.

Andrew Baron (Rocketboom)
Andrew Michael Baron is the creator, founder and lead writer of the popular daily videoblog, Rocketboom. In Austin during the 1990s, Baron played in bands, ran a visual and performing art gallery and worked a variety of tech jobs including ones at Motorola, Tivoli and IBM. After receiving a BA in Philosophy from Bates College (Maine), Baron graduated from Parsons School of Design second in his class with a Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology in 2003. He blogs at

Andy Ochiltree (JibJab)
Andy Ochiltree is the head writer for JibJab, a comedy portal which has been around the interweb since 1999 and had a huge hit in 2004 with the Bush-Kerry election parody “This Land”. Since then, 11 of their videos have premiered on The Tonight Show and their stuff has been seen over 150 million times, on every continent (and the International Space Station).

Anil Dash (Six Apart)
Anil Dash is an early and influential blogger, having helped start Six Apart, the world’s leading blogging company, as its first employee and a frequent speaker in the technology and media industries. In addition to his professional work, his blog at has documented the intersection of web culture and popular culture since 1999, earning wide recognition from venues such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Dash lives in New York City with his favorite dog, cat and human.

Arija Weddle (LOLSecretz)
Arija (pronounced ‘aria’) Weddle is a former literary agent currently pursuing a medical degree, teaching preschoolers how to sing and dance, and writing about all of it and more at She and Ryan met as undergraduates at Yale, and seven years later started LOLSecretz as an elaborate private joke.

Avi Muchnik (Worth1000)
Avi Muchnick is the founder of Worth1000, a popular site dedicated to hosting Photoshop contests where people enjoy pasting Britney Spears’s head on the Statue of Liberty. Most recently he founded Aviary (, a web app where people can paste Britney Spears’s head on the Statue of Liberty, using just their browser.

Ben Schulz (Leeroy Jenkins)
Who: Ben Schulz, a.k.a. Leeroy Jenkins
What: Appeared in a World of Warcraft video where he ran in to a dungeon from AFK and got all of his companions killed.
Where: Currently pursuing a career in Electrical Engineering.

Burnie Burns (Rooster Teeth)
In April 2003, Burnie created Red vs. Blue, an episodic animated series that spread like wildfire across the Internet. Within nine months, the project went from its humble website debut to premiering at the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York City. Burnie’s work has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, at BareNaked Ladies concerts, at the IMAX theater in San Jose, and as part of Microsoft Xbox promotions in every Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target in the nation.

Brad Neely (Super Deluxe)
Brad Neely is the creator of the two animated Superdeluxe series, “I Am Baby Cakes” and “The Professor Brothers.” Apart from web animation he has gained notoriety from voice-over narrations, short fictions and TV script writing. He is currently working on a comedy novel about the American Civil War.

Cheez (icanhascheezburger)
Cheezburger (AKA Cheez) runs several user-generated content sites, including I Can Has Cheezburger? He has seen more cat pictures than anyone in the galaxy. Cheez lives by the fact the Internets are serious business.

Christian Lander (Stuff White People Like)
Christian Lander is the author of the blog Stuff White People Like. He has appeared on NPR, CBC, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail and ESPN the Magazine. He is very white having graduated from McGill University and spent four years of his life in graduate school. He also likes expensive sandwiches and his bicycle, that is his main mode of transport in Los Angeles.

Christopher Hastings (Dr. McNinja)
Christopher Hastings is the author of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, the ongoing webcomic about the adventures of a doctor who is also a ninja. Chris created Dr. McNinja in 2003 while studying Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts, and began the ongoing series in 2005, enlisting the help of Kent Archer as inker (don’t call him a tracer.) Chris currently works full time on the comic in the basement of his apartment in Brooklyn, but it’s kind of smelly down there in the spring time, and he’s going to move soon.

Christopher M. Kelty (Associate Professor of Anthropology at Rice)
University and visiting associate professor of the history of science at Harvard. He can has degree in the history and anthropology of science and technology from MIT and can writes book called /Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software/ (Duke U. Press 2008) (

Cyanide & Happiness (Cyanide & Happiness)
Cyanide & Happiness is a daily webcomic created by four friends at Since its inception in 2005, it’s exploded to become one of the most popular comics on the web.

David Lloyd (OCRemix)
David W. Lloyd (a.k.a. djpretzel) has been persistently advocating the appreciation of video game music as an art form since he started OverClocked ReMix ( in 1999. In addition to popularizing fan arrangements of music from Zelda, Mario, Sonic, and many other games in a wide variety of musical genres, he helped play a formative role in the original “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” phenomenon. He and other artists from OC ReMix recently completed work on the soundtrack for Capcom’s upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for XBLA and PSN, making it the first high-profile video game with music contributed primarily by fans.

David Weinberger (Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University)
David Weinberger is the author of “Everything Is Miscellaneous” (Times Books, 2007) and a co-author of “The Cluetrain Manifesto” (Perseus, 2000) He is a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society. His work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Wired, Salon, The Guardian, and many others. He is a commentator on NPR and is a columnist for several journals. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy and lives smugly in Boston.

Dean Jansen (Participatory Culture Foundation)
Dean Jansen is Outreach Director for the Participatory Culture Foundation, makers of Miro, whose mission is to make mass-media more accessible and establish open standards in internet video. In addition to his work with PCF, he’s active with the Free Culture chapters at Harvard and MIT.

Denny Blaze (Average Homeboy)
Denny Blaze became a Top Google search and literally became an internet phenom through his rap music videos which were produced nearly 20 years ago. After many years of his vhs tape sitting in a box at MTV, someone posted Denny’s video, “Average Homeboy,” on YouTube. The excitement grew worldwide, and now…YOU just got BLAZED!

Dino Ignacio (Bert is Evil)
Dino Ignacio is a multi-media artist who has worked in animation, broadcasting, comic book illustration and insurgent propaganda. Dino spent a few years of his career trying to discredit Bert of Sesame Street. He is currently working at Electronic Arts making video games. See more of his work at:

Drew Curtis (Fark)
Drew Curtis is founder and proprieter of Fark, a comedy news aggregator with over four million readers. He runs Fark out of his house in Lexington, KY. When not running Fark, Drew plays soccer, drinks beer, and plays with his two boys Storm (4) and Chance (1).

Eric Cade Schoenborn (American Civil Liberties Union)
Eric Cade Schoenborn is the Web Communications Director at the the American Civil Liberties Union. Eric began his interactive career at Scripps Howard News Service, and later joined the online progressive movement during the 2004 Presidential election. He attributes his interest in online activism to his politically active parents and DIY design culture, and hopes to continue working towards progressive goals with technology, creativity, and collaboration.

Evan White (PR Guy)
Evan White is 24 years old, and has not only driven a limo in Las Vegas, but also walked barefoot in London. He has worked on many online projects, knows a bunch of people, and even took a photo with The Governator, twice. Evan is a PR guy, and has a hat to prove it!

The Firefox (Mozilla)
Mozilla Firefox was born in 2004 by a family very familiar with navigating online. Since taking back the web, Firefox has become an expert in organizing groups of people, spurring creativity, and generally making the internet a better place to live. Firefox is nimble, able to swat pop-ups, fend off viruses, and protect from spammers and scammers. Along with knowing over 40 different languages, Firefox is an amazing speller, quick searcher, and pretty much knows how to help you keep your online persona flourishing. If you run into the Firefox, be sure to stay close, as it has been known to open many tabs.

Fred Benenson (Creative Commons)
While studying Philosophy and Computer Science, Fred co-founded the Free Culture @ NYU chapter of, an international student movement and currently serves on the board. After graduating from NYU in 2005, he interned at Creative Commons in San Francisco and then moved back to NYC to stage the first-of-their-kind DRM protests, as well as organize several other related public events, all receiving national media attention. Since the summer of 2006 Fred has been the Creative Commons Cultural Fellow and has worked with organizations, schools, and major art institutions in New York to help shape their copyright policies through the use of Creative Commons licenses. He regularly travels to speak on these topics and is currently working on a activist social network based on VoIP for his thesis at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program at the Tisch School of the Arts. He spends his spare time with the Rubik’s cube, bicycles, and cameras.

Matt Harding (Where the Hell is Matt)
After quitting his job as a videogame designer in 2003, Matt Harding took a 6 month trip around the world. Along the way he made a video of himself dancing badly in exotic places in the hopes of amusing his friends and family. None of them particularly cared for it, but it wound up becoming an internet sensation. In 2006, Matt was sponsored by a chewing gum company to make a second video, which has since been viewed over 10 million times. Matt is still traveling and working on a third and final video. His dancing has not improved.

Michael and Matthew Chapman (Homestar Runner)
Matt (31) and Mike (34) are brothers and they make together. Matt does the voices for almost all the characters but splits writing and animating with Mike 50/50, although it’s more like 70/30 because Matt animates real slow. They’re currently working with Telltale Games on a Homestar Runner game for the Nintendo Wii and developing non-Homestar related projects with filmmaker friend Craig Zobel. They live in Decatur, GA with their wives and cute babies.

Ian Spector (Chuck Norris Facts)
Ian Spector is currently a junior at Brown University where he is pre-med, studying cognitive neuroscience. He is also an editor of the campus comedy magazine, The Jug, and will be co-president of Brown’s Entrepreneurship Program for 2008-2009. Prior to creating “Chuck Norris Facts,” he started a successful web hosting and development company, QubeFactor. Today he is interested in creative and pragmatic approaches to web-based application development in a variety of disciplines.

James Zetlen (sorryeverybody)
James Zetlen made sorryeverybody in college, when he did a lot of other things he feels ambivalent about. Since then he has has left for another, prettier website.

Jason Scott (
Jason Scott is a computer and internet historian. He is a curator of the archive site, as well as a documentary filmmaker whose credits include the BBS Documentary ( and an upcoming film on text adventures, called GET LAMP (

Jay Maynard (Tron Guy)
Ever since his masquerade costume exploded onto the Internet in 2004, Jay Maynard has been known as the Tron Guy. He turned his unexpected fame into a series of appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and other national television series. When he’s not wearig spandex, he works as a computer consultant based in rural southern Minnesota.

Professor J.D. Connor (Assistant Professor of Visual Environmental Studies at Harvard University)
J.D. Connor teaches film and cultural history at Harvard with an emphasis on the corporate contexts of contemporary Hollywood. Before that, he worked at Slate.

Group X(Group X)
Group X flew the plane.

Jay Parkinson (A Doctor in Williamsburg)
Jay Parkinson is a well-educated young physician who opened up a small house call practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that mixed communicating with him over the internet via email, IM, SMS, and video chatting with old-fashioned housecalls. Three days prior to the launch, a media frenzy began. And hasn’t stopped. Now he’s being called the Obama of healthcare.

Jean Burgess (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation at Queensland University)
Jean Burgess is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, where she undertakes research on issues of cultural participation in relation to new media technologies, working across historical and emerging contexts.

Jeffrey Rowland (Wigu)
Jeffrey Rowland is the creator of the webcomics Wigu and Overcompensating and he is owner the world’s largest webcomics merchandise distributor, TopatoCo. His career in webcomics began in 1999 when he realized he wanted a career where he could conceivably never interact with another human being. He is from Oklahoma. Oklahoma is the reason the top of Texas is shaped like that.

Orrin and Jerry Zucker (Its JerryTime!)
Brothers Orrin and Jerry Zucker are the co-creators of the 2007 Emmy Award-winning animated Web series Its JerryTime!, based on the “true tales from the life of Jerry.” Orrin is the Animator/Director for the webseries and also President of Boston-based Ozone Inc, a broadcast design company. A 1983 graduate of RISD, Orrin has produced numerous programming packages for the broadcast industry. Jerry is writer/composer for the series and has written humorous pieces for short films, commercials, newspaper comics and greeting cards. He’s a 1982 graduate of the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

Ji Lee (The Bubble Project)
Ji Lee, a New York based artist and designer, devised a way to reclaim public spaces with comic speech bubbles. Bubbles were affixed to a variety of public billboards and advertisements; after time, Ji would photograph the messages that passersby had added. The project grew out of a frustration with the one-way nature of most public advertising — the bubble project creates a dialog.

Joe Mathlete (Marmaduke Explained)
Joe Mathlete has been accidentally achieving internet notoriety since 2002, when a short WMV depicting him engaged in an imaginary lightsaber battle in his high school’s AV room was uploaded to Kazaa. Several years later, after a brief webcam clip of him lipsynching to a popular Romanian techno song achieved similar viral success, he decided to pursue his dream of writing and performing original music. When a video of him recording the vocals to one of his songs gained international attention for his unique, otherworldly baritone and distinctive method of moving away from the mic to breathe in, he destroyed his computer, renounced technology and moved to Wales. He lives in a small cottage south of Llandudno with his cat, Goatse.

Joe Peacock (Mentally Incontinent)
Joe Peacock is the “internet author” behind the Mentally Incontinent book and website, where the readers edit and vote on the stories to be included in his books. When he’s not writing about real-life adventures such as screwing Wal-Mart or fighting with Michael Dell, he rescues POW’s in North Vietnam with a flaming bow and arrow and a gigantic bowie knife. He can physically transmute lead into gold, and also writes his own bios. (WE CAN CUT SOME IF IT’S TOO LONG. :)

Joey Comeau (A Softer World)
Joey Comeau is one half of the creative team behind A Softer World which runs every Friday in The Guardian in the UK, but also three times a week for free on the internet. He is the author of three books, with another coming in 2009, Overqualified, based on the job application letter section of the Softer World site. He lives in Toronto.

Joshua Green (Postoctoral Researcher in Comparative Media Studies at MIT)
Joshua Green is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, where he also Research Manager of the Convergence Culture Consortium. With a PhD in Media Studies, he is currently working on making sense of the evolving nature of television as the media space adapts to a participatory future.

Joshua Schachter (
Joshua Schachter created in 2003 as a hobby and an informal way to tag and share Web pages between friends. From that point on, rapidly grew into the social bookmarking service it is today, and in early 2005 officially became a company –, Inc. In December of 2005, Yahoo! acquired and pledged to provide the company with the resources, support, and room it needs to continue growing the service and community. Before that, Joshua worked in financial services in NYC for ten years, including most recently with Morgan Stanley. Joshua has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Justine Ezarik (iJustine)
Justine Ezarik (or iJustine) with the tagline of “I am the internet” is a designer, video blogger and technology evangelist. She broadcasted her life live online for millions of viewers 24/7 for 6 months. One of her more popular videos, the “300 page iPhone Bill” has over 11 million views and manged to garner the mainstream media attention of USA Today, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, CNN and many other major news outlets.

Katie Dreke (Wexley School for Girls)
research/planning director wexley school for girls.
brand-interaction researcher + planner.
creative marketing magician.
culture freak.
technology geek.
yes, I drive a mini-van.

Lana Swartz (Graduate Student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT)
Lana Swartz is a graduate student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT and a researcher at Project New Media Literacies. She likes ethnography, nail art, and the internet. Once upon various times, she was a high school teacher, a special education consultant, and cocktail waitress.

Leslie Hall (Gem Sweaters)
Leslie Hall initially caught the hearts and eyes of internet viewers when she began uploading images of her world famous gem sweater collection. However it was her music videos and live performences which have placed her into webstar glory and international fame. Leslie is continueing to produce music albums about Iowa diva jams and is currently trying to get her made for tv movie made about her life and goldlyness.

Kevin Driscoll (Graduate Student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT)
Kevin Driscoll is a graduate student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT where he is concerned with issues of freedom, power, authorship, and identity in hip-hop, K-12 education, SMS/text messaging, and music video. In addition, he is a teacher, DJ, and exhibiting artist.

Kyle MacDonald (one red paperclip)
Originally from Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada, Kyle MacDonald has planted more than one hundred thousand trees, delivered more than one thousand pizzas, but eaten only one scorpion. He has also traded one red paperclip for a house only once. When he’s not stealing a flag from the Prime Minister’s office or promoting Alberta Beef by hitch-hiking in a parade, you might find him leaving his wallet in El Segundo or hanging out in Bangkok modeling Italian Soccer jerseys to fund 4am Red-Bull and Rum-fueled urban hitchhikes. He also enjoys writing third-person bio pages for his website and loves to stand on street corners in Montreal hawking shoddily-bound English literature to Francophones in sub-zero temperatures. His mom still cuts his hair.

Neil Cicierega (Lemon Demon)
Neil Cicierega is an internet personality who’s been behind several popular videos over the years, including Animutations and the Potter Puppet Pals. He also heads Lemon Demon, the band responsible for “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.”

Martin Grondin (LOLCat Bible)
Martin Grondin is a student who started lolcatbible in July of 2007. Since then many bloggers have commented: “Some people have too much time on their hands.”

Martin Sargent (Internet Superstar)
Martin Sargent has been hosting television shows about Internet culture for over a decade, starting with “The Screen Savers” on ZDTV (which became TechTV). He now hosts Web Drifter and Internet Superstar for online TV network Revision3, and also leads the development of new shows for the network. So pitch him your show idea!

Matt Haughey (MetaFilter)
Matt Haughey is the creator of MetaFilter and a pioneer in early weblogging and web community.

moot (4chan)
moot is the founder of 4chan, a simple, image-based bulletin board modeled after Japan’s enormous Futaba Channel. Since its inception, 4chan has grown from a niche site targeting anime otaku to one of the largest and most influential communities on the ‘Net. Commanding over 3 million users a month, many popular viral videos, phenomena and memes get their start on 4chan.

Nico Audy-Rowland (Trocadero)
Nico Audy-Rowland is the founding member of the Boston-based band Trocadero, and he writes and performs the music for the popular online series Red vs Blue. His compositions have been played in a variety of venues, from night clubs in the East coast and Saint Barths, to Lincoln Center in New York City, and excerpts of his music were included in the Limited Collector’s edition of Halo 2, and the Legendary edition of Halo 3.

Ollie (TripAdvisor)
Ollie once toured the world as a part of the rock band called “The Whoo,” which not only exposed him to some of the worst hotel rooms on the planet, but also created legal problems with a more well-known (but less handsome) British rock group. In the mid-to-late 90’s he randomly met Steve Kaufer, who then was running the software company Centerline, at a bar at Logan Airport,. They had a couple of drinks and swapped stories- soon thereafter they joined forces and TripAdvisor was born. Aside from concerning himself with the integrity of TripAdvisor, Ollie is confident that no one can hold a candle to his dance moves, and is always glad to jump behind the drums for old time’s sake.

Randall Munroe (XKCD)
Randall Munroe, a cartoonist from southern Virginia, is the creator of the webcomic ‘xkcd’, one of the most popular comics on the internet. Formerly a roboticist at NASA, he now makes a living writing comics. He spends his time drawing, traveling, and training computers to beat humans at Rock-Paper-Scissors. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Richard Doyle (The Grasshopper Lies Heavy)
is a Professor of Rhetoric and STS at Penn State University where he has been teaching open source culture and evolving scholarly spells for thriving through the infoquake. His new book The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is based on the work of Philip K. Dick and evolved out of a wiki’d spoken wyrd opera performed at the Penn State Center for Sustainability with <a href=””Peacefeather)

Richard Stevens (Diesel Sweeties)
Unable to choose between comics & computers, Richard Stevens was lucky enough to be born at the right time to make webcomics. His strip Diesel Sweeties has been on the web since 2000 and was syndicated into newspapers in 2007. He makes lots of t-shirts and drinks far too much coffee.

Ryan Iverson (LOLsecretz)
Ryan Iverson is one of the creators of LOLsecretz, which combined the LOLcats phenomenon with the Postsecret meme. He is a comedian/copywriter/filmmaker living in NYC. Although LOLsecretz closed up shop, his presence is still felt on the internet via his videos (featured on collegehumor and cracked) and at his blog,

Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)
Ryan North is a sensible yet attractive dude who does a comic on the internet called “Dinosaur Comics”, where the pictures don’t change. He also runs Oh No Robot, a comics search engine, and Project Wonderful, an advertising network that doesn’t suck!

Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)
Scott Beale is the primary tentacle and founder of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture and technology from San Francisco and beyond.

Stephen Granade (LOLTrek)
Stephen Granade is the one responsible for LOLTrek, a lolcat retelling of the classic Star Trek Episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”. Since a one-off joke like lolcat doesn’t pay the bills, he’s forced to use his doctorate in physics to work on space-based sensors for automatic docking to satellites and to the International Space Station.

Terry Lozoff, (Street Attack)
Terry Lozoff is a co-owner and the Managing Director of Street Attack. After graduating with a business degree from The University of Colorado, Boulder, Terry spent several years on the marketing and production side of the music industry before leaping into the world of non-traditional marketing and advertising. Over the past five years, Terry has played an intricate role in the strategic and operational growth of Street Attack, and continues to chart the vision of the company into global domination and the world of social media.

Xiaochang Li (Graduate Student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT)
Xiaochang is a graduate student in Comparative Media Studies and a researcher at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium. Her interests include fan cultures, diasporic media audiences, and going really fast on the autobahn. She hopes to one day see Roland Barthes resurrected from the dead to write a book about gender performance and Japanese boybands using only image macros.

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